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Welcome to the Future of Safe Communication

Start in less than 1 minute!

IDGARD - Your All-in-One Communication Tool:

Whether for large files, confidential memos, or simply to chat safely. Create your own team workspace with internal and external dialogue partners, and increase your efficiency. Our patented Sealed Cloud ensures that no one can access your data. This provider-proof technology is unique worldwide!

Minimize Risks

  • The annual cost of cybercrime in 2013 was € 600 / employee...and rising!Source: Cost of Cybercrime
  • 1 in 30 communications is intercepted by US intelligence. On some days, even every 10th communication.** Source: Spiegel Online

IDGARD hilft Ihnen diese Risiken zu minimieren

Stay compliant with German Privacy Law: §203 StGB (Penal Code), § 11 BDSG, §43 WPO (Audit Ordin.), et al.
Avoid tactical errors save orders
Avoid strategic errors keep competitive edge
We recommend reading "Wirtschaftsspionage und Intelligence Gathering" by security expert Alexander Tsolkas Alexander Tsolkas Buchtitel

Maximize Efficiency

  • Reduce e-mail traffic by over 50%
  • Create internal & external workspaces. No integration or software installation costs!
  • State-of-the-art business communication with spy-proof chats
  • Integrate external communication partners easily
  • Access via any mobile device (even offline with special app)

Sealed Cloud - the basic technology of IDGARD ensures internal AND external security

  • All application servers in electromechanically sealed rack systems
  • Servers with RAM / volatile memory only.
  • The OS applied is hardened and blocks all external access.
  • The system reports status facts from within yet doesn't accept any external commands.
  • Before an engineer or hacker accesses the servers, all unencrypted data is deleted.