The Business Cloud for Data Exchange & Data Rooms

B2B cloud for every company size

The Business Cloud for Data Exchange & Data Rooms

Are you looking for a European based cloud solutions provider to exchange files and communicate online with clients and business partners? idgard provides small to large enterprise with a user-friendly corporate cloud solution, meeting the highest security standards and EU GDPR requirements.

The Sealed Cloud technology behind idgard has been patented in both the EU & US and recently China, giving Uniscon a unique position in the market. Our product takes care of your key management requirements, bringing you the peace of mind that your data stays secure, allowing you to focus your efforts elsewhere.

Small to medium-sized enterprises appreciate the convenience our cloud service browser provides, enabling them to manage the storage quotas and licenses of their users according to their needs. The short contract periods and mobile apps make our solution affordable and simple to use for even the most non-technical of users.

Large-Scale Enterprises use our cloud solution to quickly and conveniently enhance their existing IT infrastructure. idgard can be easily configured to work with existing Active Directory / LDAP implementations, allowing existing staff to be assigned specific rights and roles. It can even be integrated into an existing software environment using a set of provided web interface API’s.

In summary, idgard provides your business with cloud based data rooms to exchange files and manage collaborations, all inside a secure Sealed Cloud environment. Our technology protects your data with unprecedented, comprehensive data security technology.

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