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When logging into your online bank account, most people are accustomed to generating a one-time token from an electronic security device. These mechanisms are used to provide added security, preventing unauthorised individuals gaining access to your money.

Here at Uniscon, we believe in working with you to protect your data in the same way as your bank protect your money. As such, idgard provides the same two-factor authentication technology as your bank, helping you to protect your idgard account and your personal and confidential information.

Once you have entered your username and password, your card creates a one-time code used to uniquely authenticate you with your data, just like a secure banking device.

The card creates a series of pseudo-random, 6-character, event-driven codes, based on the serial number and a secret start value. Since the serial number is linked to your account, verification of whether your Login Card belongs to your account is performed.


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The idgard Login Card is as thin and robust as a bank or credit card, and can be customized with your company logo.

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