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idgard is available for all business sizes. Simply choose between various basic package deals. You can always switch to another package or add further items (e.g. licenses or storage space) through your idgard account at a later point in time.

Try our free idgard trial period! Trial ends automatically and is not extended, unless you deliberately prolong use per „order against payment“ yourself.

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for businesses with up to 50 employees

5 Full Licenses

25 Guest Licenses

100 GB storage space

Standard e-mail & hotline support

Added Options (via Web Portal)
€ 49,95/Months*
Annual Savings: € 420,60





5 Full Licenses
25 Guest Licenses
100 GB storage space

+ 1 Dataroom
+ Sealed Antivirus*

(*for all licenses included in the package)

Standard e-mail & hotline support

Added Options (via Web Portal)
€ 99,–/Month*
Annual Savings: € 1128,–


meets highest demands

25 Full Licenses

50 Guest Licenses

250 GB storage space

+ Individual Branding

+ 1 x private (one-to-one) online training

+ Standard e-mail and hotline support

+ Personal contact person

Added Options
On Request

Want a free idgard trial?

  • Try the full idgard features, including auditable data rooms, at no extra charge! Without obligation! Your trial ends automatically. No termination needed.
  • Gain experience using idgard, and decide what package you prefer only once your trial period ends.
  • Should your trial convince you, you can book a package deal in the Admin area of the idgard portal anytime. We are happy to help you with our built-in Help feature.
  • Once you have ordered idgard, you can still access your trial phase Privacy Boxes and their content.


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Added Options

Added Licenses/Packages

  • Full IDGARD features: create Boxes, upload & download files, share news, chat
  • Can grant external parties a Guest License
  • Guest may, in the Box to which he/she was invited: upload & download files, share news, chat.
  • Guest can not create own Boxes.
  • Use of existing Boxes only
  • Service life may be limited (and expire, e.g., after 30-day inactivity)
  • Integration into Active Directory not possible
  • A license that is assigned, e.g., to an external guest
  • Guest can access Box to which it was invited: upload & download files, communicate news, chat, and schedule appointments.
  • Guest can not create own Boxes.
  • No own storage space, can not assign licenses

10 GB storage space1,00 €/month*

  • Journal: lists access, deletion, uploads and downloads.
  • Watermark: file is marked in the background with the name of the downloading person, to prevent distribution.
  • View-only Files: PDF files to be viewed per Web browser. Download or storage impossible.
  • Bulk download notification: Data room creator is alerted if members download massive file volumes.

Want to test the latest IDGARD data room features?

Simply send us an e-mail to dataroom@idgard.de. We will send you a link to a Data Room Box, for a 1-month FREE, non-binding trial.

Sealed, Provider-proof Backup Application
Geo-redundant*, automatic provider backup prevents data loss in both of the following cases:
  • When the user accidentally deletes data
  • When all redundant structures are destroyed in a data center
Restore all data or merely individual files securely. Backup is automatic and excludes all user traffic!

  • 4.90€/month per 10 GB ordered memory

More on Sealed Back-up »
Provider-proof Online Anti-Virus Application
Many cloud solutions allow parties to conveniently exchange files internally and externally. However, they risk importing computer viruses or other malware.
This is why we recommend applying, in addition to customary anti-virus software, an online virus scanner on all mobile devices. With conventional end-to-end encryption systems, this is technically impossible. Sealed Cloud, on the other hand (the base technology of iDGARD), ensures both: end-to-end security and online virus prevention alike.
» License Features (german) * Important note on rates:
  • The rates shown on iDGARD.de apply to the model "Self-service".
  • Self-service is billed as of order date exactly to the day for the current calendar month.
  • Net amount plus legal value added tax.

Additional products and services

iDGARD Login Card

» Further Information


How Can I Terminate IDGARD Use?

You can give notice to month's end any time (unless otherwise agreed). Termination shall be made in writing per regular mail or fax. No further costs incurred the following month.

Are There Education Discounts (Educational Licenses)?

Yes. Ask about our custom-made Educational Licenses at business@idgard.de.

Can I Order IDGARD at My Local Dealership?

Yes. We have a large network of specialized dealers and distributors. Ask your dealership about IDGARD.

Can I Order Annual IDGARD Licenses?

Yes. Simply e-mail us the desired amount, and we will send you a non-binding offer.

How Do I Pay for IDGARD?

As soon as you order IDGARD against payment through your account, you will receive a monthly invoice. You can also opt for monthly direct debit.

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