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Cloud Applications for File Transfer & Teamwork

Our cloud service idgard helps you with a wide range of file transfer, communication and project collaboration tasks.

Instead of sending large files via e-mail to your colleagues or external partners, files uploaded to idgard can be sent via e-mail using a simple link and secure password. This protects your mailbox from the security threat of attachments, and stops large files from cluttering your mail servers.  It also provides you with the peace of mind that your files remain within the safe and secure sealed cloud environment.

Do you work on projects with external partners and need secure storage space?

idgard allows you to quickly and easily create secure Privacy Boxes (data rooms), and with a few clicks, invite staff, co-workers and even external partners to have access. External partners are granted guest licenses to access the privacy boxes, with access rights granted to them according to their requirements, allowing them to send and receive files. Once created, the privacy box can be access by all those with permissions at anytime, anywhere in the world using one of our Apps, or through a browser.

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