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The highest data security for your business with our GDPR-compliant data rooms

Audit security is a basic requirement for audit processes and due diligence, as well as archiving development processes or process documentation. Anyone who wants to collaborate online in this kind of projects needs a virtual data room to view documents. However, preparing a data room to such an extent is usually tedious and time-consuming, especially when also external partners and collaborators are involved in the projects.

idgard data rooms provide maximum security and record all the activities carried out inside of them—such as the retrieval of the documents—, which makes the data rooms completely audit-proof. Even users who have no experience in dealing with data rooms can quickly cope with idgard ones without needing any extensive training. Thanks to this, project managers can take over the administration of the data room they have set up for themselves, while the IT department can take care of the management of  global permissions and users’ roles within the data room using the web interface, Active Directory or an LDAP environment.

Use cases of idgard data rooms


Highly secure board communication

The secure solution for digital board meetings


M & A transactions

Secure exchange of information in transactions



Digital real estate management – idgard due diligence data rooms



Lifecycle Asset Management

Optimize investment decisions

Experience the new data room features: Room Assistant - Expiration date for documents - Voting function

You are the admin, but you do not have time for organizing and optimizing the data room?

No problem! With the new Room Assistant feature, you can assign this role to another user without having to enable a dashboard activation. The new Room Assistant will be able to take care of different tasks like setting up the data room or inviting new users without having access to the data stored in the data room.
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Arrange appointments and organize surveys on documents

Now you can also conduct surveys with idgard and vote on documents.

This feature offers numerous application options

The different voting options—anonymous, single-choice, or comment field—facilitate the work in the data room, since once the voting has ended, you can export an evaluation as a PDF.

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Should the documents be available to users only for a specified period of time?

For example, when personal data of applicants needs to be automatically deleted from the system after a certain period of time. This is now possible thanks to the new idgard feature. You can determine for how long documents should remain in the data room. The system will delete each document accordingly or move them to the recycling bin, in case you have activated this feature too.
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What characterizes idgard data rooms?

Benefits of idgard data rooms

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