idgard® Features

Besides securing your data exchange, idgard® offers a wide variety of other benefits, such as confidential messaging and chat. idgard® packages allow you to start instantly and access idgard® entirely via browser. So you enjoy full flexibility! Your premium package allows you to manage idgard® per LDAP / Active Directory. This, in turn, provides you a wide range of other features and benefits.

Note: The main features are included in all package deals. However, some extra features and configuration depend on your suite.


Basic features (included in all package deals)

  • Files upload and download
  • Chat
  • Messaging
  • Full freedom as to directory structure
  • Individually definable (Privacy Box specific) access
  • Search feature per Privacy Box

  • Offline mode accessible via app
  • Multiple login per user (e.g. browser and app)
  • Optional deactivation of guest name display in Download-only Boxes
  • Automatic updates (server software) included

  • (Visual and audible) notification of new file and message entries
  • Optional email notification upon receipt of new files and messages


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