idgard Features

Besides securing your data exchange, idgard offers a wide variety of other benefits, such as confidential messaging and chat. idgard packages allow you to start instantly and access idgard entirely via browser. So you enjoy full flexibility! Your premium package allows you to manage idgard per LDAP / Active Directory. This, in turn, provides you a wide range of other features and benefits.

Note: The main features are included in all package deals. However, some extra features and configuration depend on your suite.

Overview: idgard® Features | Applications | Software & Apps (PDF)


Basic features (include in all package deals)

  • Up- and download of files
  • Chat
  • Messaging
  • Full freedom as to directory structure
  • Individually definable (Privacy Box specific) access
  • Search feature per Privacy Box

  • Offline mode accessible via app
  • Multiple login per user (e.g. browser and app)
  • Optional deactivation of guest name display in Download-only Boxes
  • Automatic updates (server software) included

  • (Visual & audible) notification of new file and message entries
  • Optional email notification upon receipt of new files and messages


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