Lifetime for Documents

The feature „Time to Live“ automatically deletes box / data room content such as documents & notes (no folders). By activating the feature, you enable every user to activate an automatic deletion of documents / messages after a certain period of time.

Please note: Once activated in the data room, it can’t be deactivated again. If you have activated the recycle bin at the same time, the files will be moved to the recycle bin at the end of their lifetime and therefore won’t be fully deleted.

The selected lifetime can be shortened individually within each data room, but not increased.

How to set the Function  „Time to Live“

The lifetime of the content can be determined within the „box settings“.

If you go to the section „data room“ you will see the section „Limit file time to live“ where the function can be activated.

Afterwards you will receive the following notification.

Now you can enter the number of days, aber which the content should be deleted. The life time period can only be specified in days.

When the content of the box reaches the deletion date, it will automatically be deleted from the system.

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