Room Assistant

You can now assign a user the role „room assistant“. The Room Assistant can afterwards take care of the data room set-up and, for example manage the member list.

The role can be assigned to any full-license user.

How to set the Function „Room Assistant“ 

To assign the role, go to the administration area and then click on the user to whom you want to assign the role to.

Then you will see the area „Admin Permissions“ where you can find possible roles.

Here you can select the role „room assistant“.

If the room assistant wants to create a data room, go to the Administration area and then click on the menu on the top right.

Now select the item „Room management“ and you can immediately start organizing the data room.

Now the box owner can be determined and you can enter the data room name as well as the data room description.

In addition, data room members can be selected and their individual rights can be determined. Furthermore, the room assistant can define the data room structure (add, delete empty folders) and manage the member list.

Important to know: The room assistant can not see any content within the data room, such as pictures, chats or notes and can therefore not manage his or her own rights.

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