iDGARD-Update July 2018: Your Login Page Logo & More


iDGARD was updated last weekend. In the following, you find the main improvements.


Your Logo on New Users’ Logon Templates

iDGARD admins have already been able to integrate their corporate logo into iDGARD (via Admin > Settings), making it visible to all users on the upper part of their screens. Now, new users receiving a guest invitation can also see your logo on their registration page, so they instantly know they were invited by you.

Your logo is also visible to all parties you grant file access via Box Link.

This feature is free and doesn’t need to be booked separately.

The latest iDGARD update allows you to enjoy the following improvements, to name only a few. You will be alerted instantly,

  • upon attempted creation of a Guest User via blocked email domain or
  • if a Member tries to access a Box outside the limited access period.


Improved Performance & Reliability

Further improvements pertain, above all, to browser pop-up blockers.

What’s more, we’ve improved our virus scanner, Sealed Cloud Anti-Virus. It detects viruses and malware on uploaded files: within the sealed infrastructure and without damaging them! This latest asset scans updated files much faster, thus improving your workflow.


If you have any questions or are looking for further information, please visit our Service- and Infocenter.



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