iDGARD-Update May 2018: Online invoices, ease-of-use improvements & more


Our iDGARD cloud service received a comprehensive update a few days ago. Beside improvements to security and performance, this update also includes several new functions designed to make iDGARD easier for you to work with.


Online invoices ready for download

Among the new features is the option to download the invoice for one specific month. You can find this option in the Admin Overview under a new subsection labeled “Billing”. From now on, your invoices will be available here as PDFs. You can also check your license status here, book additional packages or manage your invoice data by making changes or edits.

Three things to keep in mind:

  • You will receive a notification as soon as a new invoice becomes available.
  • Invoices are available for download from May 2018 onwards.
  • If you have made special agreements with us, your invoice will not be available immediately, and you will be notified separately.



Blocking email domains for guest licenses

The recent iDGARD update gives administrators more control over guest licenses. At the menu-entry “Settings”, in the Admin Overview you can now block specific eMail domains from being used by guest license users. This method allows you to, for example, exclude your own organization from using guest licenses, thereby ensuring that these remain reserved for clients and partners.



Additional changes

  • Guests must now only accept short terms-of-use disclaimers

We improved your guests’ iDGARD experience by exchanging the extensive mandatory terms & conditions field for a shorter terms-of-use disclaimer concerning guest licenses during registration.

  • More security when sending BoxLinks

Box-Links are now invalidated following five unsuccessful pass code entries. The Box creator is then informed that the Box has been closed due to security concerns, and that the corresponding link had been invalidated by the system.

  • Drag and Drop in MacOS

Good news for Mac users: the Finder now supports Drag and Drop when connecting via WebDAV. Now you can use iDGARD even more intuitively and optimally incorporate it into your workflow.

Furthermore, we also reworked uploading big files and made additional performance improvements.


If you have any questions or are looking for further information, please visit our Service- and Infocenter.



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