Uniscon GmbH (UNISCON) develops and provides the web service idgard via a Uniscon distinct, Sealed Cloud infrastructure. Sales are primarily conducted via distribution partners, who have a share in revenues according to a prearranged commission model, the Revenue Sharing Model. Note: With the Starter Package, resellers may offer their customers a free trial period of up to two months. Uniscon bears the full cost of the free trial.


Partner Options for IDGARD

Uniscon GmbH (hereinafter: UNISCON) offers the distribution partner (hereinafter: PARTNER) the following idgard options:


a) Uniscon Hosted idgard – Reseller“

PARTNER sells idgard to customer at prices defined by Uniscon, receiving a commission: Reseller Model. idgard is hosted & operated by UNISCON in the UNISCON data center.

idgard is used without partner specific customization.


b) „UNISCON Hosted idgard – OEM“

PARTNER sells idgard to customer for own account, based on an own model. UNISCON receives a prearranged commission per customer and month. idgard hosted & operated by UNISCON in the UNISCON data center yet by order of PARTNER.

Optionally, idgard is customized or co-branded.


A so-called „OEM Light“ version is also possible. In this case, UNISCON takes over all operational and invoicing procedures, customizing look & feel of the website and invoicing.



PARTNER sells idgard to customer for own account, based on an own model. UNISCON receives a prearranged commission per customer and month.

idgard is hosted and operated by PARTNER in the PARTNER data center. This data center is also subject to Sealed Cloud architecture. Optionally, idgard is customized or co-branded.


Uniscon Hosted idgard – Reseller

The Reseller Model requires no infrastructure or customization investments ex ante. In this case, PARTNER’s initial financial risk is very low. The only expenses are for sales and marketing. PARTNER sells its customers idgard and receives a respective commission from UNISCON, pursuant to UNISCON’s idgard Rates. PARTNER distributes idgard with a partner specific Bonus Code. This Bonus Code allows UNISCON to recognize the sales channel and thus allocate the due commission. The Reseller Model is particularly convenient for first-time users.


Uniscon Hosted idgard – OEM

The model Uniscon Hosted idgard – OEM requires a few early-stage-investments:

  • Customizing of idgard to various degrees
  • Provision of infrastructure
  • Operating cost
  • If applicable, consulting services

OEM Business Model

  • The customizing fee depends on PARTNER’s requests and is charged according to expenses.
  • PARTNER is charged the operating cost monthly as fixed price per seat. There are two kinds of seat rates:
    • Rate for Employee License
    • Rate for Customer License
  • The OEM Model implies a minimum turnover per year which is stipulated by contract.

OEM Pilot Phase

Introducing a new product often raises a number of questions, which are better answered in the pilot phase. The respective subjects may range from technology, e.g. properly integrating idgard into existing IT environments, invoicing procedures and tests, to developing a suitable marketing concept. Therefore, when beginning an OEM partnership, UNISCON first recommends that PARTNER start with a pilot project, to broadly prepare and conveniently certify for the comprehensive introduction of IDGARD.


Partner-Hosted IDGARD

Partner Hosted idgard is based on a so-called Sealed Cloud idgard application. This app should be available to interested partners as of mid 2013 and is being implemented in cooperation with a renown IT hardware manufacturer.

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