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iOS App - idgard®

OS: as of iOS 7 for iPhone & iPad (Datasheet)App Store »

Android App - idgard®

OS: Android 2.3 or higher. However, Android 4.4.4 recommended for higher-grade local encryption (Datasheet)Google play »

idgard®-Productivity Tool for Windows (Full License required)

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server (as of 2008) - (Datasheet)
  • Clear & easy operation, control per Windows taskbar
  • Any idgard Box synchronizable with any arbitrary local folder
  • Auto-sync of local work per Windows Explorer
  • Files automatically edited or versioned, depending on respective user rights
  • Local (not online) recovery of files, for an arbitrarily defined period
  • Concurrent use of Chat window per Box possible, as well as undocking & arbitrary positioning on desktop
  • Local directories directly selectable per control center
  • Online Boxes accessible with direct access to server
  • Box editing
  • Invitation of users to access Boxes
  • User rights management for Boxes
  • Creation & sharing of links to online idgard Boxes
  • (Un)locking of files, so only you can edit them
  • Extra symbols on files, that show sync and owner status
  • 2 types of local encryption:
    • decryption per call to server (requires Internet access)
    • with additional offline password (no Internet access necessary)
Request the idgard Productivity Tool. To prevent malpractice, you will receive the link by mail.Download »

idgard® Outlook Add-In

Operating systems: From Outlook 2010 on Windows 7Download »

idgard® Office Add-In

Operating systems: From Windows 7 and Office 2010Download »

Should you need an application for an operating system and/or version not mentioned herein, please don't hesitate to contact us at

The client software was developed individually for each particular operative system, so that its respective use is intuitive. It is subject to the single devices' maximum security measures, which we have elaborated further on an individual basis. In the future, Admins will be able to define a devices' local settings and thus specify individual user rights.

idgard Apps Offer You the Following:

  • Full use of all Box features: files, memos, chat, data room, journal
  • Secure editing of files, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, per convenient, intelligent sync system, that compensates connection losses on, e.g., trains
  • Secure app memory on respective device and, optionally, exportation to other apps and those of idgard, for editing or file sharing
  • Local encryption and many other optional security features
  • Sync of data, files, memos, chats per Box
  • Offline mode and offline accessibility to synchronized, locally encrypted data
  • Audio & video message creation directly in idgard app
  • Lock-out of third-party users, so only you can overwrite a file's current online status
  • Editing of settings and user rights within Box
  • Editing of Box members and creation of links, to make files accessible to non-idgard users

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