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  • Below you will find several links to brochures and presentations providing an overview of both the Sealed Cloud and our iDGARD product. If you would like a more detailed look at these products, please download one of the white papers we have made available.
  • Please feel free to download these documents and distribute them as you wish.

iDGARD is that easy to use, that everything you need to know fits on one page.

Read this if you want a short overview regarding secure cloud computing and the basic technology "Sealed Cloud".

iDGARD's Privacy Boxes are a safe and yet easy alternative to e-mail. Find out how iDGARD provides for legally compliant communication and work with business partners here.

Presentation for businesses

iDGARD Features, Facts & Figures in a nutshell.

few examples of the use cases covered by iDGARD

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