The New idgard 2.0

iDGARD 2.0 – The New Web Interface

Our latest idgard 2.0 user interface offers a variety of new benefits illustrated here. A current presentation of the new UI is available in PDF format:

What`s New?

  • New & improved design (adjusts automatically to screen size)
  • Videos, pictures, and PDF files accessible via cloud
  • Various view options (gallery, list, comprehensive box chronicle)
  • Temporary Box (is deleted automatically upon pre-defined expiration)
  • Upload & unpacking of zip folders and their structures
  • Specifiable Box access periods

  • (Clearer) categorization of Boxes according to tags
  • Box type selection support
  • Memory of language, viewing, and other settings
  • Improved Box sharing / invitation to join
  • Tabs for more convenient navigation between Boxes
  • Improved search & further sorting options

  • Key words for folders (visible to all Box users)
  • Box descriptions optional
  • File names editable via cloud
  • Display of session run-time
  • Conversion of Guest to Temporary Guest License and vice versa possible
  • WebDAV integration into mobile apps per QR code

New Admin Features:

  • Improved consumption per user overview (memory, invited guests, etc.)
  • Pre-defined security settings (TCDP) for orientation
  • Added configuration options (default rights)
  • Advanced rights management



In Detail:


  • State-of-the-art design
  • Crack-free (responsive) adjustment of view to various screen sizes:
    Smartphone, tablet, personal computer
  • Applies cutting-edge Web browser technology, incl. animation
  • Customization (of colors, logos, et al.) possible upon request


Select Box Type via Settings:

Click the plus sign on the top right in the green bar, to create a Box. Once a selection window appears, you may choose from the following:

  • a Termporary Box
  • a regular Privacy Box
  • a Data Room

Attention! Data Room licenses are only available when added upfront in the Admin area, or (in the case of annual licenses) bought via Uniscon.


Sort in Ascending / Descending Order:

Files within a Box may be sorted according to one’s liking (name, date, size, type, creator). The criteria is visible in each Box on your top left. Just to the right, you find a new button (arrow pointing downward, with lines next to it) that allows you to sort your category in ascending or descending order.


Upload Mode Revised:

You may now choose between two file upload forms.

  1. The one on your left, Standard Upload mode, is used to upload documents quickly and directly, without switching to Upload Manager view, first.
  2. Expert Upload mode: now also allows you, via Upload Manager, to upload ZIP files and entire folder structures (document with arrow facing up and gear-wheel on your top left). The ZIP file is then unpacked during upload in the Box, as well as all its folders and structures, that are automatically arranged in the Box, accordingly. Expert mode is very useful when you wish to fill a new Data Room.

Note: To unpack ZIP files, Expert Upload mode currently only supports „DEFALTE“ compression.



idgard News:

On your top right, next to the idgard box, you find the idgard News icon. Read the latest news on your screen, the instant it becomes available. The symbol allows you to re-read news you have already accessed.


Timeline of Unread Files:

You may access the Timeline, in which you find an overview of all unread elements, two ways:

  1. via clock icon in the green bar on your top right
  2. via page navigator, with the clock at the bottom of the page.



Coming soon:


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