FAQ: General

One of IDGARD's greatest assets is that the Sealed Cloud provider, Uniscon, has no way of accessing its users' data. Therefore, Uniscon can not conjure up or reset your user name, password, or PUK for you. The Admin can re-invite individual users to IDGARD. Once granted access, the respective users can again use their Privacy Boxes and data. Should even the Admin forget his/her password and PUK and be the only administrator of said customer account, then the Admin can not be re-invited, and the Privacy Boxes and data are no longer accessible. WE THEREFORE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT EACH CUSTOMER SET UP MORE THAN ONE ADMIN AND STORE SAID ACCESS DATA IN A SAFE PLACE UNACCESSIBLE BY THIRD PARTIES.
To subscribe to IDGARD, simply click here. Register in 3 simple steps. You will then receive a personal PUK. Please print and store your PUK in a safe place. Once registered, you can log-on and use idgard instantly. With the Admin template, you can check your input and immediately begin creating employee or customer accounts, to communicate safely. We also offer idgard as app for Android and Apple devices, which you find in the Google Play Store, App Store or here, so you can access your confidential data anytime.
As a matter of principle, idgard requires no additional software. You may access idgard any time from any current browser of your liking. Chats work with HTML5. I.e., chatting does not work with IE8 or earlier versions. Browsers pose an unnecessary security risk, so most browser updates eliminate that risk. This is also why we sensibilize our customers to always update their browsers with the latest version.
Leak & liability-free business communication Commonly, most people work and communicate beyond company borders via e-mail. However, e-mail can not guarantee confidentiality, nor that the data remain in the country or EU, as requested by data privacy law. This entails increasing risks. As documents and attachments are sent more and more digitally, they are also increasingly browsed by robots and algorithms for useful content and information. idgard offers leak-free and thus respective liability-free business communication. Exchanging data via idgard is as easy as sending an attachment. With Sealed Cloud, you also enjoy data room features, an internal e-mail service, spy-proof chatting, and calendar features.     Account Management beyond Intranet Web accounts are managed individually and beyond the IT administrators' control. This raises questions in any company: • What happens to those accounts, if an employee takes over a new task or leaves the company? • How are the accounts handed over properly to a successor? • How can the accounts be deleted entirely and verifiably? idgard aggregates employees' access data of many external accounts under single personal idgard accounts, thus achieving the following: • Central storage and administration of Web accounts • 1-click logon to external accounts • Simple handover to successors
es. idgard is created in a way, that all sessions are completely independent of one another. This allows them to be distributed freely among numerous servers, i.e. system scalability is largely linear to the number of servers. The same mechanism ensures high availability: should one or more servers fail, traffic is taken over by any other arbitrary server. Similarly scalable and highly available technology is used for data management, i.e. the data system Hadoop, that scales error tolerantly over many servers. This is a well-proven, established technology. Google Big Table is based on the same approach.
You may order idgard against payment during your free trial period. As soon as the free trial period is over, you can then use idgard against payment and will then receive, at the beginning of each following month, an invoice from Uniscon, retroactively for the past month. The respectively due amount is then paid via bank transfer within 14 days. You may also choose monthly direct debit via Uniscon. You can switch to SEPA direct debit at any time during the booking process or later. You will find this option in the Payment Methods menu of the Administration area.
You will be informed automatically at the beginning of each month as soon as a new invoice is available. You can also have the respective invoice sent by e-mail as a PDF attachment upon request. Please send an e-mail to support@idgard.de with the subject PDF-invoice. In the Administration area, access the menu Booking> Invoices to see all available invoices online. Invoices are always created retroactively for the previous month. Note: This process is not applicable to clients who have booked a premium package. In that case, the agreed conditions will apply.
Definitely! idgard should not substitute these means of protection. It completes the "magic triangle" of security: anti-virus programs safeguard against malware, firewalls against attacks through the Web, and the privacy service idgard against spying of your confidential data. Only when all three constituents are covered, is your computer truly protected.
idgard is the state-of-the-art way to communicate online. This is owed, on the one hand, to today's new understanding of security and, on the other hand, to modern-day means of communication. Business data and communication require protection just as private persons. So what common technologies are we referring to? Messaging, clouds, email and calendar applications. With IDGARD, these means are protected via SEALED CLOUD technology...on any device: - data exchange - e-mail - chat - calendar management What's more, idgard offers data room features, documentation options, and automated versioning. To provide maximum security yet win over customers and ensure their loyalty online, we began with social business, which had to be based on security excluding even provider access. The solution is IDGARD, and it is Uniscon's goal to remain technological & market leader in web privacy.
Web privacy means confidentiality when using online services. It also means having control over the type and amount of information available about you online. Users have a right to anonymity/aliases when using the Web, to prevent third parties from being able to deduct metadata or personal data from their activity.
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