FAQ: General

The main benefit in terms of security that idgard® offers is that uniscon—the operator of the sealed cloud—has no access to the data of its customers. This also implies that uniscon does not know the users’ usernames, passwords and PUKs and consequently cannot issue new ones or reset them.

If you are a full license user, the administrator of your idgard® account can re-assign you a license so you can re-register with a new password. Your Boxes and data remain available. Full license users can also proceed this way and re-assign their guests new licenses.

However, if the registration admin—this is, the one who initially registered the account—forgets their own password and PUK, and they are the sole administrator of the account, it will not be possible to re-assign them a new license. The rest of the users will be able to continue to log in as usual and use their Boxes, but it will not be possible to access those Boxes in which the registration admin is the only member. Moreover, it will not be possible to administer the entire account anymore. This means that the settings cannot be changed anymore, and no more licenses can be booked.


You just have to register here to have your own idgard® account. Registration is easy and quick. In the end you will receive your personal PUK – please print it out and keep it in a safe place because in the event of loss, uniscon cannot reset any passwords since we have has no access to the data of its customers. After registration, you can log in with your credentials and start using idgard® immediately. In your admin area (administration / booking / enterprise data) you can see your data, which you can change at any time, for example, if the address of your company changes. After registration, you can start inviting users, such as your employees (full licenses) and customers or external partners (guest licenses) in order to securely communicate with them.

If you want to buy your idgard® account, you can switch to a paid mode in your admin area (administration / booking) even during the trial period. Then, you can add additional full, guest and data room licenses as well as more storage space at any time. All your bookings are billed by day and appear on the monthly invoices.

idgard® is also available as an app for Android and iOS. You can download the apps for free in the respective store or here. With the apps, you also have secure mobile access to your data at all times.

In order to be able to use idgard®, you do not need to install any additional software. You can use idgard® from any current browser and from anywhere.

For mobile and comfortable use in your Windows environment, we offer you the corresponding client software. You can find these in our download area.

idgard® uses HTML 5, therefore Internet Explorer 10 or higher is required or another HTML 5-enabled browser.

In IE10 (Inter Explorer, version 10) or previous versions, idgard® can be used to a limited extent.

Tip: Browsers usually have unnecessary security gaps and most browser updates solve them. We therefore recommend our customers to always use the latest released versions of browsers.

Business communication without leaks and liability risks.

Communication and collaboration across company boundaries is usually done using ordinary email. Neither confidentiality nor staying in Germany or in the EU—as required by data protection laws—can be guaranteed. The risks this entails increase continuously over time. More and more documents and messages are being sent electronically. At the same time, more and more emails and their attachments are systematically searched by robots and algorithms and the usable information they contain is extracted.

idgard® offers business communication without leaks and nor associated liability risks. Data exchange with idgard® is as easy as sending attachments via email. You can also enjoy data room functions, an internal messaging service, chat and appointment scheduling in the sealed cloud.

Account management outside the intranet.


Web accounts are managed individually and are not accessible to IT admins. The following questions arise in every company:

  • What happens to these accounts when the employee takes on a new task or even leaves the company?
  • How are the accounts handed over to a successor?
  • How can the accounts be completely and verifiably deleted?


idgard® compiles the accesses of the external accounts that were invited by the same employee under the personal idgard® account of this employee thus achieving:

  • Central storage and administration of web accounts, and
  • Easy handover to others.

Read more use cases of different industries here.

idgard® is created in such a way that all sessions are completely independent of each other. This allows them to be distributed freely among numerous servers, i.e. system scalability is largely linear to the number of servers. The same mechanism ensures high availability: should one or more servers fail, traffic is taken over by any other arbitrary server. A scalable and highly available technology is used for data management, i.e. the data system Hadoop, that scales error tolerantly over many servers. This is a well-proven, established technology. Google Big Table is based on the same approach.

In the booking process of idgard® you have the possibility to define the payment method. You can choose to pay by invoice or direct debit. If you decide to pay by invoice, please transfer the due monthly amount within 14 days to the bank account indicated on the invoice. You will find your new, monthly invoice in the administration area of your idgard® account. Upon written request, you will receive the monthly invoice by email as a PDF file. If you choose the SEPA Direct Debit payment method, the amounts due will be debited from your account in the following month of the billing cycle.

The billing period is always one calendar month. All booked licenses are billed on a daily basis and charged in the following month.

You will be informed automatically at the beginning of each month as soon as a new invoice is available. Upon request, you can also have the respective invoice sent to you by e-mail as a PDF attachment. Please send an e-mail to support@idgard.de with the subject PDF-invoice.

In the Administration area, access the menu Booking> Invoices to see all available invoices online.

Invoices are always created retroactively for the previous month.

Note: This process is not applicable to clients who have booked a premium package. In that case, the agreed conditions will apply.

Definitely! idgard® should not substitute these means of protection for your computer. It completes the „magic triangle of security“: anti-virus programs protect against malware, firewalls against attacks through the Web, and the privacy service idgard® against spying of your confidential data. Only when all these three constituents are covered will your computer be truly protected.

SealedAntiVirus: idgard® now offers the option to scan for infection the documents you upload to the sealed cloud via idgard®. This option can be booked from the starter package. The price is proportional to the number of user licenses booked. For more detailed information click here.

idgard® is the first cloud service built on sealed cloud technology, which makes it possible, for the first time, to combine end-to-end security with data processing in the cloud.

So far, it was possible either to only exchange encrypted information through the cloud but not to process it on the cloud too, or processing the data on the cloud was unsafe because the data center operator and service administrators were able to access it.

However, the situation is different with idgard®: Here, the data can be processed on the cloud and neither the data center operators nor the administrators can access the it.

For this reason, when using the sealed cloud technology, any application can be safely offered from the cloud.

idgard® is already the business-class solution for data exchange and collaboration.

The development roadmap for idgard® plans to add more functions in the convergence field of data exchange, data rooms, collaboration, messaging, scheduling, calendars, web conferencing, collaborative work on documents, groupware, etc.

Together with the apps for mobile devices, the synchronization client and the deep integration into mail and intranet solutions, as well as single sign-on and M2M applications, idgard® represents a comprehensive, user-friendly and secure solution for collaboration across company boundaries.

Web Privacy stands for confidentiality when using online services. It also means having control over the type and amount of information available about you online. Users have a right to anonymity when using the Web to prevent third parties from being able to deduct metadata or personal data from their activity.

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