At the moment there are issues connecting the idgard® Boxes with WebDAV via Full Qualified Distinguished Name (FQDN), as „network folder“ and not as „drive“, due to a problem with the Windows WebDAV client of Windows 7, after a new Windows login. Workaround is to set up the WebDAV drive according to our instructions.

You can increase the speed of your WebDAV connection by adjusting your Internet Explorer browser settings accordingly. This optimizes the speed of WebDAV, even if you don’t use Internet Explorer as browser:

Open your Internet Explorer browser. Click on Extras and go to Internet options. In the pop-up, click on Connections, and then below on LAN setting Remove the check-mark next to Find settings automatically


For Windows 10 users:

  • Click on Start
  • Search for proxy
  • Open network and Internet settings
  • Deactivate „Automatically detect settings”

No problem! Simply adjust your (Windows) registry as follows: Click on the Windows button and enter “regedit exe” in the search field before clicking on that or ENTER. A security check for user account management will appear. Confirm with YES to enter the registration editor.

Note: It is not possible to enter the registration editor and modify the maximum download size without answering the security check correctly. Follow this path in the registration editor:


In the “Parameters folder” you find the DWORD FileSizeLimitInBytes. Double-click to access the modification mode. In the modification mode, you can adjust the DWORD value to the maximum of ffffffff (8-fold) in the hexadecimal basis. Click OK to confirm. Then close your registration editor and re-connect your WebDAV drive.

Note: You may now download files up to the maximum size inherent to the operating system. Now simply reboot.

One reason might be that the name of the respective PrivacyBox either contains or ends with a special character, e.g. the following: . / :

Your idgard® Boxes can only be opened via the WebDAV interface if the names of the Boxes also comply with the respective nomenclature of your operating system (Windows, Mac).

Thus, it may happen that you do not experience any issue when opening a Box or downloading files from it, but you are not able to access it via WebDAV.

In this case, simply modify the name of the respective Box in your idgard® account and remove the special characters. You can then use this Box via WebDAV, as usual.

Note: Note: Data Rooms cannot be integrated via WebDAV due to the additional features that are not compatible with the WebDAV protocol.

Tip: Try the new idgard® Productivity Tool

Yes! You can either integrate all PrivacyBoxes at once into WebDAV or one at a time.

To view only one Box via WebDAV:

  • In the Box Overview, open the Box settings via the three-point menu to the right. There click on WebDAV.
  • This will open a window with a link created for this Box. Copy the link and follow the WebDAV integration instructions. Follow the instructions for integrating the WebDAV interface here: (https://www.idgard.de/business/downloads/).

Once integration has been completed, you will find the respective Box integrated in your system as a drive.

If you wish to integrate all PrivacyBoxes into WebDAV, click on the Settings tab in your idgard® account and the Add-On. Here you find the link, with which to select all Boxes for WebDAV. Then simply follow WebDAV interface integration instructions: (https://www.idgard.de/business/downloads/).

If you have integrated WebDAV already and wish to upload large files or have a poor Internet connection, uploads of over 30 minutes may lead to time-out.


In that event, you can adjust the time limit on your device as follows:

  • Click the Windows button, enter REGEDIT.EXE in the search field, and then click on it.
  • Follow the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServicesMRxDAVParametersFsCtlRequestTimeoutInSec
  • Double-click on „“FsCtlRequestTimeoutInSec““. This will open a window.
  • Click to switch from hexadecimal to decimal and then adjust the digits, e.g. to 3600.
  • 1800 stands for seconds, this is, 30 minutes. Adjusting the digits to 3600 makes future uploads of up to 60 minutes possible. You now have an upload time limit of 60 minutes, which only expires once interrupted by time-out after 1 hour.
  • Click OK to confirm your new settings. You may now resume your uploads!

Yes! You can increase security by accessing your account with a 2nd authentication factor with an idgard® LoginCard.

Before using your LoginCard, it has to be allotted to your account. You may do this yourself in the Admin area of your idgard® account by simply entering the LoginCard number (on the back of your card, above the bar code) in your settings.

Login through WebDAV with LoginCard:

Integrate WebDAV into your system. Log in, as always, with your idgard® account’s username and password via WebDAV and simply add a new TAN directly to your password every time you log in (with no spaces, etc.).

Example: password123456

You don’t have an idgard® LoginCard yet? To order one and find out more about LoginCards, see: https://www.idgard.de/business/logincard/

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