FAQ: Administration

The full license user will be informed by e-mail and possibly by SMS that their account has been deleted.

This will automatically delete all Boxes created by this user, including all content, even those uploaded by other users. However, the data that this user may have uploaded to Boxes created by other users will remain. After this, the license will be free again and can be re-assigned.

Guest license users generally cannot create their own Boxes, but the content they upload to other users‘ Boxes is treated in the same way as full licenses.

A guest license cannot be converted into a full license. You must delete the guest license and then re-create it as a full license.

Please bear in mind that the user with the guest license will also be deleted from the Boxes in which they are a member. However, the data they may have uploaded will remain in the Boxes.

Communicating via idgard® is as simple as doing so via e-mail. You can invite both internal employees (full licenses) and external partners / customers / clients (guest licenses) flexibly and quickly. Use our PrivacyBoxes to communicate and exchange data. Each one is a separate communication circle with individual participants. You can also exchange files and documents between companies, write messages and chat.

To use idgard® you do not need to install any software—you can simply access your data via any browser. In addition, you have mobile access to the data you store on idgard® at any time from our Apps, a Windows Client for use without a browser with automatic synchronization and an Outlook extension.

Watch our short video to see how easily you can use idgard® for your communication!

No! idgard® is a web-based cloud service that can be used without additional software. Your administrator can manage (create and maintain) employee (full licenses) and customer (guest licenses) accounts. Invoicing is done centrally. The individual employees can invite external partners and communicate with them. Would you like us to take over the administration of your employees? Learn more here.

If an account is „active“, it means it is currently fully usable, depending on the license. The statuses „initiated“ or „ready for invitation“ means that an invitation link has already been sent to this account. Thus, once the recipient accepts the invitation, the account will become „active“. With this status, the account is considered as “used”. A „deactivated“ account is useful if it needs to be handed over to another user together with the data contained in it. This means that the account can be reassigned to another employee, for example. The data and box affiliations are all retained. The license can be reassigned as well. Oppositely, a „deleted“ account can no longer be transferred to another user with the existing data. If an account is deleted, this license will be available again and can be reassigned.

There are three types of licenses:


Admin License

An Administrator can assign administrator permissions to each full license account.

In the self-service mode, each administrator can add additional full and guest licenses as well as Data Rooms and assign both full and guest licenses to employees and guests.


Full license (each €7.50/month)

This license is usually assigned to an internal employee.

A full license user has access to full idgard® functionality: create Boxes, upload and download documents, write messages, chat (individually adjustable in each PrivacyBox) as well as create their own PrivacyBoxes and invite guests with a guest license.

A full license user can use all clients and be integrated into Active Directory/LDAPGuest License.


Guest license (each €1,50 /month)

This license is usually assigned to external partners or customers for secure data exchange and bidirectional communication.

A guest license user can use all features in the Boxes to which they have been invited (permissions are individually adjustable in each Box).

Guest license users cannot create their own Boxes nor assign guest licenses.

Certain clients can only be used by guest licenses for an additional monthly fee.

Guest licenses cannot be assigned via LDAP/EMS.

In addition, a so-called read link/one-time access to a Box can be granted without a fixed license. In this case, the invitee can only download files from the Box. However, they cannot upload documents to the Box or communicate with the sender. Consequently, this is only suitable for secure transmission of documents in one direction, but not for permanent communication.

To learn more, read an interesting article on our privacyblog about the different types of licenses and how to grant licenses to employees and guests.

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