FAQ: Data Privacy

idgard® is based on unique sealed cloud technology. This technology, which has been internationally patented already, is operator-safe. This means that the system operator has absolutely no access to the data stored on idgard® by the users. This is unique worldwide due to the fact that in all conventional data centers, admin staff can usually access user data, since today’s server systems can only process data in unencrypted form. With the sealed cloud, on the other hand, organizational measures are substituted by technical ones, making it absolutely impossible for a provider to access data.


Further unique features include:

  • Only existing service to protect both content and metadata end-to-end
  • Alarm in case of SSL man-in-the-middle attack attempt
  • Convenient 2-factor authentication against ID theft with LoginCard (TAN generator)
  • Prevention of synchronization with foreign servers during mobile access.

For more information on our technology, see: www.sealedcloud.de

On idgard® your data is protected also against service provider (uniscon) access. In contrast, other privacy services entail the risk of the provider being able to access and, hence, abuse data. As already reported by the media, users hardly ever find out what happens to the confidential data they’ve exchanged (or sometimes only when it’s too late). idgard® eliminates this risk completely, not only thanks to its encryption technology but also through intelligent physical access systems.

Business communication without leaks and liability risks.

Communication and collaboration across company boundaries is usually done using ordinary email. Neither confidentiality nor staying in Germany or in the EU—as required by data protection laws—can be guaranteed. The risks this entails increase continuously over time. More and more documents and messages are being sent electronically. At the same time, more and more emails and their attachments are systematically searched by robots and algorithms and the usable information they contain is extracted.

idgard® offers business communication without leaks and nor associated liability risks. Data exchange with idgard® is as easy as sending attachments via email. You can also enjoy data room functions, an internal messaging service, chat and appointment scheduling in the sealed cloud.

Account management outside the intranet.


Web accounts are managed individually and are not accessible to IT admins. The following questions arise in every company:

  • What happens to these accounts when the employee takes on a new task or even leaves the company?
  • How are the accounts handed over to a successor?
  • How can the accounts be completely and verifiably deleted?


idgard® compiles the accesses of the external accounts that were invited by the same employee under the personal idgard® account of this employee thus achieving:

  • Central storage and administration of web accounts, and
  • Easy handover to others.

Read more use cases of different industries here.

The relevant aspects concern the telecommunications and data protection laws, as well as contractual issues regarding cloud services. The service idgard® and its sealed cloud technology are compliant with these norms in line with ASP and hosting practice. There are no unusual risks to a practical application. The possibility of sealed data processing in the Sealed Cloud concerns areas of research in modern law in the fields of data protection and contract law. Here, uniscon works together with the leading legal scholars in these areas.

Definitely! idgard® should not substitute these means of protection for your computer. It completes the „magic triangle of security“: anti-virus programs protect against malware, firewalls against attacks through the Web, and the privacy service idgard® against spying of your confidential data. Only when all these three constituents are covered will your computer be truly protected.

SealedAntiVirus: idgard® now offers the option to scan for infection the documents you upload to the sealed cloud via idgard®. This option can be booked from the starter package. The price is proportional to the number of user licenses booked. For more detailed information click here.

Web Privacy stands for confidentiality when using online services. It also means having control over the type and amount of information available about you online. Users have a right to anonymity when using the Web to prevent third parties from being able to deduct metadata or personal data from their activity.

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