FAQ: Features

With its PrivacyBoxes, idgard® offers a uniquely safe and yet easy alternative to e-mail. No additional software is necessary. You just need to register.

This is how secure communication with idgard® works:


  • Log in to the idgard® account.
  • Create PrivacyBox and add guests to a Box.
  • Upload files, write messages and chat with all Box members.



  • Log in to the idgard® account.
  • The sender’s new PrivacyBox is already in their Box list.
  • Upload and download files yourself, answer messages and chat.


If the recipient has not received a license from the sender’s account but is, for example, an administrator of his own idgard® account, the sender can send a Box invitation link to add the recipient to the shared Box. The recipient must log into their idgard® account and then click on the Box link. This way the new Box is permanently integrated into their Box list.

Should the recipient not have an idgard®-Account of their own, data can still be securely transmitted. To do this, send the link to this Box („Share Link“) to give the recipient access to the data. ATTENTION: The URL could be intercepted by unauthorized persons; therefore, it is strongly recommended to set a password and communicate it by another method. As soon as both parties are in the Box, their communication via idgard® will be sealed.

Communicating via idgard® is as simple as doing so via e-mail. You can invite both internal employees (full licenses) and external partners / customers / clients (guest licenses) flexibly and quickly. Use our PrivacyBoxes to communicate and exchange data. Each one is a separate communication circle with individual participants. You can also exchange files and documents between companies, write messages and chat.

To use idgard® you do not need to install any software—you can simply access your data via any browser. In addition, you have mobile access to the data you store on idgard® at any time from our Apps, a Windows Client for use without a browser with automatic synchronization and an Outlook extension.

Watch our short video to see how easily you can use idgard® for your communication!

In your idgard® account, you can create up to 2,000 „regular“ PrivacyBoxes: sealed, virtual, maximum security work areas.

A Data Room is a PrivacyBox with additional features to protect against unauthorized retransmission of documents.


You can convert a PrivacyBox into a Data Room with one click and then have the following attractive additional functions:

  • PDF files with view-only configuration for browsers to protect against downloading or copying to clipboards
  • Printed PDF documents with dynamic watermark (name of the person, date and time of download)
  • Notification for mass download of documents (individually adjustable)
  • The declaration of consent can be defined individually before accessing the data room for the first time
  • Journals / audit trails recording all activity within a Data Room (uploads, downloads, deletions, etc.).

For more detailed information on the idgard® Data Rooms have a look at this article on our privacyblog.

Regular PrivacyBoxes are free of charge and already included in your idgard® package.

Converting a PrivacyBox into a Data Room costs €79.50 + VAT per month. You must book the license for a Data Room separately in advance in your idgard® Administration area (menu / administration / booking) for a fee.

Furthermore, the user groups are not limited neither in PrivacyBoxes nor in Data Rooms. Der idgard®-Datenraum ist damit im Vergleich zu anderen Angeboten sehr günstig.



Please note that within PrivacyBoxes all members have access to all documents! This means that, for different user groups that should not be in contact with each other (or only see a subset of the documents), you have to create separate Boxes. Oppositely, within a Data Room you can define different access permissions for groups—also for subfolders / different levels.

In idgard® you can also set up so-called Data Rooms. Any PrivacyBox can be converted into a Data Room and dispose of the following extra features:

Journal: Documenting all accesses, downloads, deletions, etc. within the Data Room.

Dynamic watermark: PDFs are printed with the name of the person downloading it, the date and time of the download.

View-only files: View PDFs only in the browser. No saving, printing or downloading possible.

Alarm function for unusual download behavior: The files creator is notified when a certain number of documents are downloaded in a short period of time. Both values can be adjusted individually.

You only pay for the number of Data Room licenses you book, the number of users within the Data Room is unlimited. A Data Room license costs €79.50 per month plus VAT. You can book the desired number of Data Room licenses in your Administration area under „Booking“. The usage is billed on a daily basis.

Note: You can convert any PrivacyBox into a Data Room. However, due to the additional features, this action is irreversible. Consequently, if you no longer need the Data Room, you cannot convert it back into a PrivacyBox. For the license not to be charged any longer, you must back up all the content, then delete the entire Data Room, and remove the license in the Admin area, reducing the number and saving the changes.

If an account is „active“, it means it is currently fully usable, depending on the license. The statuses „initiated“ or „ready for invitation“ means that an invitation link has already been sent to this account. Thus, once the recipient accepts the invitation, the account will become „active“. With this status, the account is considered as “used”. A „deactivated“ account is useful if it needs to be handed over to another user together with the data contained in it. This means that the account can be reassigned to another employee, for example. The data and box affiliations are all retained. The license can be reassigned as well. Oppositely, a „deleted“ account can no longer be transferred to another user with the existing data. If an account is deleted, this license will be available again and can be reassigned.

There are three types of licenses:


Admin License

An Administrator can assign administrator permissions to each full license account.

In the self-service mode, each administrator can add additional full and guest licenses as well as Data Rooms and assign both full and guest licenses to employees and guests.


Full license (each €7.50/month)

This license is usually assigned to an internal employee.

A full license user has access to full idgard® functionality: create Boxes, upload and download documents, write messages, chat (individually adjustable in each PrivacyBox) as well as create their own PrivacyBoxes and invite guests with a guest license.

A full license user can use all clients and be integrated into Active Directory/LDAPGuest License.


Guest license (each €1,50 /month)

This license is usually assigned to external partners or customers for secure data exchange and bidirectional communication.

A guest license user can use all features in the Boxes to which they have been invited (permissions are individually adjustable in each Box).

Guest license users cannot create their own Boxes nor assign guest licenses.

Certain clients can only be used by guest licenses for an additional monthly fee.

Guest licenses cannot be assigned via LDAP/EMS.

In addition, a so-called read link/one-time access to a Box can be granted without a fixed license. In this case, the invitee can only download files from the Box. However, they cannot upload documents to the Box or communicate with the sender. Consequently, this is only suitable for secure transmission of documents in one direction, but not for permanent communication.

To learn more, read an interesting article on our privacyblog about the different types of licenses and how to grant licenses to employees and guests.

Licenses Data exchange Mail Chat Calendar
Full license
Guest license

idgard® is created in such a way that all sessions are completely independent of each other. This allows them to be distributed freely among numerous servers, i.e. system scalability is largely linear to the number of servers. The same mechanism ensures high availability: should one or more servers fail, traffic is taken over by any other arbitrary server. A scalable and highly available technology is used for data management, i.e. the data system Hadoop, that scales error tolerantly over many servers. This is a well-proven, established technology. Google Big Table is based on the same approach.

Uploading files up to 5 GB works without problems.

However, when uploading larger files, you may experience that a file is not completely uploaded to the server and therefore becomes unreadable/unusable. Please make sure not to exceed this specified file size. If you have purchased a premium package, you can get a higher upload limit for a fee. Please contact the following e-mail address: business@idgard.de.

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