FAQ: Registration/Login

The main benefit in terms of security that idgard® offers is that uniscon—the operator of the sealed cloud—has no access to the data of its customers. This also implies that uniscon does not know the users’ usernames, passwords and PUKs and consequently cannot issue new ones or reset them.

If you are a full license user, the administrator of your idgard® account can re-assign you a license so you can re-register with a new password. Your Boxes and data remain available. Full license users can also proceed this way and re-assign their guests new licenses.

However, if the registration admin—this is, the one who initially registered the account—forgets their own password and PUK, and they are the sole administrator of the account, it will not be possible to re-assign them a new license. The rest of the users will be able to continue to log in as usual and use their Boxes, but it will not be possible to access those Boxes in which the registration admin is the only member. Moreover, it will not be possible to administer the entire account anymore. This means that the settings cannot be changed anymore, and no more licenses can be booked.


If you receive an error message when entering the pass code of your LoginCard, it means that a security mechanism of the system has been activated—for example, by repeatedly entering incorrect pass codes or frequently generating pass codes without usage—and the card is blocked.

To unlock the card, please proceed as follows:

Wait for longer than 5 minutes after the last error message. During this time, do not press the button on the LoginCard.

Refresh the login page and enter your username and password.

Generate a new pass code (if necessary, delete the previous code by switching the card off and on again) and enter it.

Ignore the error message.

Immediately afterwards (and within 3 minutes):

Refresh the login page again and enter your username and password.

Generate a pass code again (if necessary, delete the code by switching the card off and on again) and enter it.

No error message will be displayed now. Your LoginCard is now unlocked and can be used as usual.

You just have to register here to have your own idgard® account. Registration is easy and quick. In the end you will receive your personal PUK – please print it out and keep it in a safe place because in the event of loss, uniscon cannot reset any passwords since we have has no access to the data of its customers. After registration, you can log in with your credentials and start using idgard® immediately. In your admin area (administration / booking / enterprise data) you can see your data, which you can change at any time, for example, if the address of your company changes. After registration, you can start inviting users, such as your employees (full licenses) and customers or external partners (guest licenses) in order to securely communicate with them.

If you want to buy your idgard® account, you can switch to a paid mode in your admin area (administration / booking) even during the trial period. Then, you can add additional full, guest and data room licenses as well as more storage space at any time. All your bookings are billed by day and appear on the monthly invoices.

idgard® is also available as an app for Android and iOS. You can download the apps for free in the respective store or here. With the apps, you also have secure mobile access to your data at all times.

No! idgard® is a web-based cloud service that can be used without additional software. Your administrator can manage (create and maintain) employee (full licenses) and customer (guest licenses) accounts. Invoicing is done centrally. The individual employees can invite external partners and communicate with them. Would you like us to take over the administration of your employees? Learn more here.

When setting up a user, you may send the recipient a 2nd factor for authentication: a pass code by SMS. You may also create your own pass code by overwriting the password field. NOTE: not all signs are allowed.


Upper and lower cases, numbers, spaces, and ^ ! ” § $ % & / ( ) = ?{ } [ ] + * ~ # ‘ < > | ; , . : @

Not allowed:

The characters ° ² ³ ß ´ ` € Ä Ö Ü µ and other signs that are not displayed directly on the main keyboard. 

No. idgard® can only send SMS to mobile phones.

The SMS is used for authentication when employees or guests register. It is sent to the personal mobile number they enter during setup and is necessary to finalize the registration.

For security reasons and to prevent abuse, the SMS may only be sent to a mobile number. This is because mobile phones, as opposed to landlines, are normally used only by the person in question and not third parties, thus being the best means for direct communication.

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