FAQ: Troubleshooting

Your idgard® has a display problem? That is probably due to local browser issues. Try entering CTRL + F5.

If that doesn’t help, it might be caused by your local cache so please try the following:

Try deleting your cache manually and then restart your idgard® new (CTRL + F5).

Internet Explorer:

  • Click the gearwheel symbol at the top right corner
  • Select “internet options”
  • Select the register “General”
  • Go to the section „browsing history” and then “Delete”
  • This opens a new window. Deactivate “Preserve favorite website data” and activate “Temporary internet files” and “Cookies”
  • Then click “Delete”

Now enter CTRL + F5 to update your browser.

If you receive an error message when entering the pass code of your LoginCard, it means that a security mechanism of the system has been activated—for example, by repeatedly entering incorrect pass codes or frequently generating pass codes without usage—and the card is blocked.

To unlock the card, please proceed as follows:

Wait for longer than 5 minutes after the last error message. During this time, do not press the button on the LoginCard.

Refresh the login page and enter your username and password.

Generate a new pass code (if necessary, delete the previous code by switching the card off and on again) and enter it.

Ignore the error message.

Immediately afterwards (and within 3 minutes):

Refresh the login page again and enter your username and password.

Generate a pass code again (if necessary, delete the code by switching the card off and on again) and enter it.

No error message will be displayed now. Your LoginCard is now unlocked and can be used as usual.

You can increase the speed of your WebDAV connection by adjusting your Internet Explorer browser settings accordingly. This optimizes the speed of WebDAV, even if you don’t use Internet Explorer as browser:

Open your Internet Explorer browser. Click on Extras and go to Internet options. In the pop-up, click on Connections, and then below on LAN setting Remove the check-mark next to Find settings automatically


For Windows 10 users:

  • Click on Start
  • Search for proxy
  • Open network and Internet settings
  • Deactivate „Automatically detect settings”

No problem! Simply adjust your (Windows) registry as follows: Click on the Windows button and enter “regedit exe” in the search field before clicking on that or ENTER. A security check for user account management will appear. Confirm with YES to enter the registration editor.

Note: It is not possible to enter the registration editor and modify the maximum download size without answering the security check correctly. Follow this path in the registration editor:


In the “Parameters folder” you find the DWORD FileSizeLimitInBytes. Double-click to access the modification mode. In the modification mode, you can adjust the DWORD value to the maximum of ffffffff (8-fold) in the hexadecimal basis. Click OK to confirm. Then close your registration editor and re-connect your WebDAV drive.

Note: You may now download files up to the maximum size inherent to the operating system. Now simply reboot.

Uploading files up to 5 GB works without problems.

However, when uploading larger files, you may experience that a file is not completely uploaded to the server and therefore becomes unreadable/unusable. Please make sure not to exceed this specified file size. If you have purchased a premium package, you can get a higher upload limit for a fee. Please contact the following e-mail address: business@idgard.de.

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