idgard Microsoft Office Add-In

Access idgard via Office and edit documents

The idgard Office Add-in allows you to access and edit files conveniently and safely, by granting you access to idgard via Microsoft Office application (e.g. Excel, Word, PowerPoint).

Once you’ve edited a document, you can simply store it in idgard using your usual „Save“ button.

Basic Requirement: idgard Full License

(Data Sheet – idgard Office Add-in)


  • Access to idgard files through MS Office
  • Office documents stored right in idgard
  • Automatic blocking/unblocking of files for editing (check-in / check-out)
  • Automatic, instant deletion of temporary files from device upon ending of session

 Settings Office Add In


  • No adjustment to new work environment. Users access their familiar MS Office setting.
  • Automatic deletion of local files, so data stays exclusively in idgard cloud (restrictions as to metadata).
  • Automatic file blocking, to prevent inadvertent overwriting during simultaneous editing.

Facts & Figures

Operating System:As of Windows 7 und Office 2010
Available for:Word, PowerPoint, Excel
Version:BETA available (updated 3/2/17)
Security:Maximum, Class III security pursuant to Trusted Cloud
Rate:Free (basic requirement: idgard access per Full License)

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