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Use idgard, to send files safely online and create or access virtual data rooms. Check out our video clips & tutorials, for idgard features.

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Product Information


idgard - Simple & Secure Communication

idgard is a German cloud service that provides maximum security for your online communication and teamwork with business partners and clients while remaining easy. With idgard, you can create data rooms for projects and replace outdated FTP services. Access your data per app or browser safely any time! iDGARD's Sealed Cloud technology is already patented in the EU & US and ensures that you are the only one able to access your data. It also takes care of key management for you, so you can focus on your work.



Data Room Features

Privacy compliant, auditable idgard Data Rooms offer:
  • auditable journals: show access, deletion, upload & download activity
  • watermarks: shade name of downloading party across file
  • view-only feature: grant view-only rights to PDF files per browser. Excludes downloading & storage!
  • Notification of bulk downloads: alerts a party of massive downloads
  • Individual terms of use per Data Room: Data Room creator can specify whether new members must accept usage terms before being granted access.

Folder Features and Keywords

This video shows you how to:
  • create folders in idgard
  • create tags that sort folders by key words
  • grant highlighting rights to all members of a box or data room

View Options

This video shows you various box overview options:
  • gallery
  • list
  • chronicle
It also shows you how to adjust the view within a box.

Create Folders & Messages, Upload Files

Learn how to:
  • create folders
  • create & answer messages
  • upload files
using idgard Privacy Boxes

Create Boxes, Box Types

This clip illustrates:
  • how to create an idgard Privacy Box
  • the difference between Privacy Boxes, Temporary Boxes, and Data Rooms

Box & Data Room Rights Management

Privacy Boxes offer a variety of features. To name only a few:
  • file upload & download
  • chat
  • scheduling
  • Data Room journals
This video shows you:
  • the rights granted per feature
  • how to grant box substitute rights
  • how to add members to a box

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