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Use idgard® to send files securely online and create virtual data rooms. Check out our video tutorials for the various idgard® functions and extensions.

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idgard - Simple & Secure Communication

idgard is a German cloud service that provides maximum security for your online communication and teamwork with business partners and clients while remaining easy. With idgard, you can create data rooms for projects and replace outdated FTP services. Access your data per app or browser safely any time! iDGARD's Sealed Cloud technology is already patented in the EU & US and ensures that you are the only one able to access your data. It also takes care of key management for you, so you can focus on your work.



Labels and keywords - idgard®

Select in idgard:
  • All boxes on the start page individually with labels and
  • inside a box with keywords.

Microsoft Office Add-In - idgard®

  • Access documents comfortably and securely from MS Office
  • Edit documents and simply save them again in idgard®
  • Automatic filing with the standard save button in Office

Box Mail - idgard®

Secure sending of files with idgard® from the browser The "BoxMail" function offers a very convenient way of inviting one or more people for simple data exchange.
  • Simply send files via link - without installation
  • Receiver does not need an idgard® account to download files
  • Optional: Increased security with an additional password

Share content - idgard®

Share securely with idgard® content There are two ways to share content in idgard®:
  • Reading link (box link with one-time access)
  •  Invite members to idgard (guest or full license)

Administration area and settings - idgard®

  • User administration (user rights, notifications, administer users)
  • Booking overview (license management, invoices)
  • Company-wide and personal account settings

Audit-proof data room

idgard® data room functions:
  • Special functions for documents to protect against unwanted retransmission: read-only, watermark, automatic notification for bulk downloads
  • Audit-proof journal, which records every activity within the data room
  • Exportable data room index
  • Poll / appointment coordination with all members of the data room

Outlook Addin - idgard®

Secure sending of files with idgard® from MS Outlook Advantages of the idgard® Outlook add-in:
  • Work in a familiar environment
  • Protection of the inbox for large files
  • Recipient receives email with reading link and can download files directly
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