idgard Update

Mai 2019

Overview about new functions within iDGARD:

  • Room Assistant
  • Lifetime for documents
  • Poll
  • Recycle Bin

Room Assistant

You can now assign a user the role „room assistant“. The Room Assistant can afterwards take care of the data room setup and, for example manage the member list.

The role can be assigned to any full-license user.

How to set the Function „Room Assistant“ 

To assign the role, go to the Administration menu and then click on the user to whom you want to assign the role to.

Then you will see the menu „Admin Permissions“ where you can find possible roles.

Here you can select the role „Room Assistant“.

If the Room Assistant wants to create a data room, go to the Administration menü and then click on the menu on the top right.

Now select the item „Room management“ and you can immediately start organizing the data room.

Now the box owner can be determined and you can enter the data room name as well as the data room description.

In addition, data room members can be selected and their individual rights can be determined. Furthermore, the room assistant can define the data room structure (add, delete empty folders) and manage the member list.

Important to know: The room assistant can not see any content within the data room, such as pictures, chats or notes and can therefore not manage his or her own rights.

Lifetime for Documents

The feature „Time to Live“ automatically deletes box / data room content such as documents & notes (no folders). By activating the feature, you enable every user to activate an automatic deletion of documents / messages after a certain period of time.

Please note: Once activated in the data room, it can’t be deactivated again. If you have activated the recycle bin at the same time, the files will be moved to the recycle bin at the end of their lifetime and therefore won’t be fully deleted.

The selected lifetime can be shortened individually within each data room, but not increased.

How to set the Function  „Time to Live“

The lifetime of the content can be determined within the „box settings“.

If you go to the section „data room“ you will see the section „Limit file time to live“ where the function can be activated.

Afterwards you will receive the following notification.

Now you can enter the number of days, aber which the content should be deleted. The life time period can only be specified in days.

When the content of the box reaches the deletion date, it will automatically be deleted from the system.


As of now you can conduct surveys within the idgard data rooms (for specific documents).

To start a survey, click on the menu symbol within the data room and then on the menu item „poll“.

By clicking on the plus sign, a new survey can be started.

Now you can set the title of the survey, the due date as well as the voting options. You can also determine which users should participate in the survey. Every participant will then be notified via e-mail that a new survey has been created within the data room and are then able to participate.

There are several use cases, since a vote can be carried out both anonymously and by name. In addition, a single or multiple choice selection can be made. Once the vote is over, you can easily download a report as PDF document.

Recycle Bin

From now on there will be a recycle bin available within iDGARD.

How to activate the Recycle Bin 

You can activate the recycle bin within the administration area.

Within the „enterprise settings“ you will find the different setting options.

Within the section „Features“ you can determine, if a recycle bin should be available within the data room.

With the check mark „enable recycle bin“, you can activate the recycle bin within the data room.

How to move documents to the Recycle Bin 

Documents can now be moved to the trash bin with the command „move to recycle bin“.

Afterwards only the box / data room owner and manager can manually manage the content within the recycle bin (view, edit, restore or completely delete). If the recycle bin is emptied, all items within the recycle bin will be effectively deleted from the system.

Important to know: If you have activated the feature „time to live“ at the same time, time to live applies for every content within the data room and not the recycle bin.

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