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The Web-Safe Data Exchange &
Teamwork Service

Easiest Security

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Sealed "Teamwork Area"

  • Steadily sealed communication & data exchange
  • File sharing / common storage
  • Tap-proof chatting beyond company borders
  • Automated key management. No expenses for user
  • Network drive integration per WebDAV

Secure "Mobile Briefcase"

  • Safe mobile or PC access anytime. Per Sealed Cloud
  • No extra software necessary. Just use your browser.
  • Convenient apps/add-ins available (browser & MS Outlook)
  • Prevents unwanted synchronization of your smartphone/tablet with a public cloud (iCloud, Drive, Azure,…)

Sealed Cloud Dataroom

  • Journal / audit trail per box available
  • Visible watermark
  • View only feature for PDFs
  • Dataroom creator is notified when many files are downloaded
  • Coming soon: digital watermarks, automatic deletion terms, and much more

Security & Compliance per Sealed Cloud

  • Provider access technically excluded
  • The only service to protect content AND metadata end-to-end
  • R&D with Fraunhofer AISEC
  • Suited for professional secrecy obligations, ensures compliance: §203 StGB (German Criminal Code), §11 BDSG (Privacy Act), §43 WPO (Audit Ordinance), et al.
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