Cyber insurance: Why idgard® is the ideal addition to your policy

The corona pandemic is striking back with full force after the summer: Many companies have already decided to go back to working from home. This also means that numerous cyber risks still present a threat for working from home. Even if the employee works within their own four walls. Despite everything, the responsibility for the company’s data security lies with the employer.

That is why more and more companies are considering taking out dedicated cyber insurance. Numerous insurance companies now carry such policies in their portfolios to serve the needs of their customers. They are looking for comprehensive protection against the consequences of a successful cyber attack or other data loss.  After all, if data is lost or made inaccessible, companies can incur significant costs within a very short period of time—not to mention the loss of revenue and possible loss of reputation! Insurance companies not only contribute to the financial compensation of damages, but also provide data forensics and psychological support for the injured parties, depending on the case.

Before taking out a cyber insurance policy, the insurance company will usually carry out an assessment of the applicant’s security measures. Various aspects are important here:

  • Existing IT security strategy of the company
  • Nature and components of the IT infrastructure
  • Storage location of the files

Only if the risk is considered manageable will the applying company be able to take out a policy. Also, in case of particularly exemplary IT security precautions one can also count on reductions in the premium amount.

How idgard® complements your cyber insurance

With idgard, the highly secure business cloud from TÜV SÜD subsidiary uniscon, companies receive optimal complementary data protection to cyber insurance. Thanks to its audit-proof virtual data rooms, the service is a powerful argument in risk assessments by insurance companies. It also allows users to meet the highest data security standards for their customers, partners, and auditors.

As the first German cloud, idgard® offers its customers operator security. This means that uniscon, the operator of the service, does not have access to the data in the cloud at any time, not even during processing. This is possible thanks to the internationally patented Sealed Cloud technology. It uses several interlocking technical measures to ensure that data and metadata are reliably protected against third parties. Thus, the service is so secure that it is suitable even for professional secrets holders under section 203 of the German Criminal Code.

Secure work from home thanks to idgard®

The data rooms of idgard® also enable a simple and complete documentation of all activities—intuitively and without any time-consuming training. This is especially helpful in times of working and video conferencing from home, since no extra training is needed, and it provides additional security.

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