"Cloud Security“ Studie von IDG Research Services in Zusammenarbeit mit uniscon, München 2021

IDG study “Cloud Security 2021”: Most cloud users fear data theft and value data security

Data protection breaches such as data theft and data loss, poor data availability and insufficient resilience are some of the biggest security risks in the cloud for most cloud users. At the same time, 39% of the companies surveyed see data protection as the greatest advantage of cloud use. The current study “Cloud Security 2021”, published by IDG Research alongside uniscon, TÜV SÜD and other partners, comes to this seemingly paradoxical result.

Data theft vs data protection: paradoxical only at first glance

However, these two fundamentally different statements are not quite as incompatible as they appear at first glance. Jörg Horn, Chief Product Officer at uniscon, has an explanation: “Users have become much more sensitive and demanding and are much more aware of the issue of data protection. They have learned that their data is worth a lot and is coveted by data processing companies as well as cybercriminals.” He adds: “It is only logical that the greatest concern is the theft and abuse of their data.

Cloud Security survey 2021 by IDG and uniscon

The fact that data security is also seen as the cloud’s greatest strength by those surveyed only supports this. In fact, it shows that the efforts of cloud providers are being noticed and welcomed, and that the requirements of secure data processing are being implemented through security-by-design and privacy-by-design.” Horn also explains: “At uniscon, we will continue to work on confidential computing to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide them with the best possible protection for their data.”

More focus on data protection criteria

Other aspects of cloud use are also found on both sides of the evaluation spectrum: for example, 37% of participants consider the data availability mentioned at the beginning as an advantage of the cloud rather than a disadvantage, and 28% value the resilience of a cloud service compared to on-premise solutions. The integrity of cloud data is rated positively by 20%.   

The fact that precisely those data protection aspects that many users fear about cloud services are also those that are seen as advantages shows how important data protection and data security are in the cloud. Many users hope to better meet this by using appropriate cloud solutions. But this can only be achieved through the efforts of the cloud providers.

Andrea Lechermann, Chief Data Protection Coordinator at uniscon parent company TÜV SÜD, adds “The protection of personal data, especially customer and employee data, has a major impact on the trust that is placed in a company. Since cloud providers are often subject to different legal systems and regulations sometimes collide, companies should place a stronger focus on data protection criteria when selecting cloud services.”

Data protection in the cloud thanks to confidential computing

Services like idgard® prove that providers are on the right track. Confidential computing—also known as zero-trust computing—ensures a uniquely high level of security in the cloud thanks to sealed data processing and encryption of data during transmission and storage. This makes the service so secure that even highly regulated industries such as law firms, financial counseling offices and government agencies are venturing into the cloud with their sensitive business and customer data.

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