Sichere Collaboration dank Sealed Cloud

Secure collaboration thanks to Sealed Cloud – Cisco study “Future of Secure Remote Work”

In November 2020, the US high-tech provider Cisco published the results of its study “Future of Secure Remote Work”. In the framework of this study, from June to September 2020 more than 3,000 decision-makers around the world were asked about the greatest concerns in IT operations when working from home. The results are especially interesting considering the background of the second corona wave: 53% of German employees are currently working from home and 24% plan to keep work from home as an option even after the pandemic has ended. However, the biggest concern of the respondents is online data transmission: 64% of German decision-makers see secure remote access as the greatest challenge, while data protection is the second biggest concern is for 54% of the respondents. This raises the question: is secure collaboration when working from home feasible at all?

Data protection and work from home: are concerns legitimate?

“These concerns are justified considering that, according to the study, over half of all employees are currently working from home and rely on a secure exchange of data with colleagues and external partners,” says idgard® Chief Product Officer Jörg Horn. According to the Cisco study, a large part of the employees will no longer want to do without the flexibility of working from home even after the end of the pandemic. Therefore, a secure cloud service is an important cornerstone to avoid taking any risks when exchanging data with collaboration partners in this situation. With its Secure Content Collaboration Platform and the highly confidential data rooms, idgard® offers the ideal tools for secure digital collaboration and helps with information governance outside the company boundaries.

The greatest possible data security, according to Horn, can be obtained with an operator-safe business cloud as a supplement to existing VPN solutions. Highly secure collaboration services such as idgard® play an important role, especially when it comes to secure data transmission with external partners, for example, when working with customers. But operator-safe clouds can also be highly useful for internal projects and in the context of board communication.

Professional secrets: Secure collaboration thanks to sealed cloud technology

“Thanks to the sealed cloud technology from idgard®, companies do not have to worry about the secure transmission and storage of their data. The data is transmitted in encrypted form and processed on technically sealed servers. In addition, as a cloud service provider, we never have the key to our customers’ confidential data. Only the customer does.” adds Jörg Horn.

Confidential data exchange and secure collaboration with clients are particularly important for people bound by professional secrecy under Section 203 of the German Criminal Code. This applies to lawyers and tax or business consultants, among others. With idgard® you don’t have to worry about legal security thanks to operator safety and sealed data processing. The service is certified in the highest protection class (III) according to the Trusted Cloud data protection profile (TCDP). This way, idgard® users automatically fulfill their obligation under the GDPR to check their SaaS provider.

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