Jetzt auch auf Englisch / Now in English

We are now available in English too!

Have you already noticed? We have redesigned privacyblog for you. In addition to new categories and a new colorful design, there is one new feature that we are particularly proud of: A selection of articles will now be available in English too! You will find the button to switch languages at the top right corner: With just one click you can switch between German and English views. 

You can switch between languages with the button you find in the upper right corner.

In the English view, you can find a selection of our most popular articles. For example, we have translated our Secure Mail series for you, and the results of the IDG study “Cloud Security 2021” are also available in two languages—even with infographics! And older articles, for example on confidential computing, now also exist in English and German, too.

Our localization specialist Dr. Marta Rubio Ortega is responsible for the translations. Marta is originally from Spain and studied and earned her doctorate in the universities of Munich, Bayreuth and Granada. She speaks five languages (Spanish, German, English, Italian and French) and has been supporting our team since 2018.

The German cloud for international customers

Why did we decide to take this step? Because our customers not only increasingly come from strictly regulated industries, but also from abroad. No wonder! With our security promise, we convince not only German companies, but anyone who wants comprehensive protection for sensitive data. This is ensured by our patented sealed cloud technology with its unique confidential computing approach. You can find out what this looks like here.

Would you like to try out the highly secure business cloud from Germany? Then register now and start your free trial in just two minutes. Use idgard® for 14 days for free, without providing payment information and without automatic subscription!